Uriah Heep Gallery

In the summer of 2005 I received an email from URIAH HEEP mastermind and guitarist Mick Box. It was because of an interview I had done in RECORD COLLECTOR magazine, and also an email and introduction from my good friend Jeb Wright over at CLASSIC ROCK REVISITED. The album cover art that was requested was for the then untitled album WAKE THE SLEEPER. Three years later after a few false starts the album came out and was well received by the fans artistically and musically. Thus began a six year relationship with the band that shows no signs of slowing down, albums, official bootleg editions, prints, merchandise, tourbooks, backdrops and all sorts of promotional material. In no way did I ever dream of the scope of work I was required to do. Along the way I made a number of friends and people that encouraged me and helped me. Mick, Phil, Bernie , Trevor and Russel. Martin Darvil their great manager, Daniel Earnshaw good friend and artistic guru, Dave White their webmaster, and a number of great URIAH HEEP fans, you know who you are! I have had lengthy involvement with bands before, DEEP PURPLE, BLUE OYSTER CULT, EXTREME, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, KING CRIMSON, ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, FATES WARNING and so on, but never on the level that I have had with HEEP and the creative freedom they have allowed me. So it only made sense that I set up a stand alone gallery where I can group all my work for them including now roughs, rejected designs, and more indepth art that I have and continue to accumulate. Hopefully this will continue for another six years… cheers, and enjoy,  Ioannis