Record Cover Archives

Ioannis career spans close to twenty six years in that time as both a designer, artist and art director he has designed close to two hundred covers and singles by our latest count and keeps adding to that every year as he is constantly being commissioned. On this page we will try to make a valiant effort to collect, catalogue and display these covers in the months to come. Ioannis says ” in the early stages of my career, I was primarily used as an illustrator by the mid to late eighties I had taken on the mantle of art director and had the pleasure to collaborate and work with some incredible artists and photographers that helped me create some great designs. Mick Rock, Mark Weiss, Michael Whelan, the late great Bob Carlos Clarke and Ed big Daddy Roth, Away from Voivod, comic book artist extraordinaire Neal Adams¬† and many more. It was a phenomenal and very rewarding experience.”¬† So kick back and enjoy, if you happen to come across a album or Cd that has Ioannis name on it but is not listed here, please email us.