Hello to all still buzzing from the YESTIVAL in New Jersey, just across the river from Philly, I attended it with my wife and we stayed at Hyatt Regency at the waterfront only a few minutes from the event. I exhibited at the CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY exhibit and was honored having my art next to legendary art by THE STONES, WHO, ZEPPELIN, CREAM, BEATLES, ELP and so much more. It was humbling to meet all the fans and sign artwork for them , and finally get to meet people who have emailed me and bought my art through the years. a big thank you to the CRSA staff and Classic Rock Legend and impersario Denny Somach. the response was so intense, that I only caught a few minutes of YES and THE MUSICAL BOX. As many of you know I am a big fan of Roger Dean the legendary record cover artist for YES, ASIA and so on, (as a matter of fact Dean is the reason, I became a record cover artist) I was able to catch a few minutes of his exposition before the festivities began, and backstage was nuts. The next morning after brunch as I was checking out I ran into him, we were staying at the same hotel, I said hello and after it became clear I was not a crazy fan, we exchanged pleasantries and spoke about cover artwork and our work, I showed me the book I had done with Martin Popoff FADE TO BLACK HARD ROCK COVER ART IN THE VINYL AGE. he was featured in several pages, as I was getting ready to leave he politely asked “Ioannis would you be kind enough to sign it for me and write a dedication.’ You could have knocked me over with a feather, my hand was literally shaking when i signed the copy, how many times does one get a chance to meet and get complimented by his Idol. Sometimes life can be amazing……. cheers IOANNIS