Ioannis checks in from his studio with the latest, ” Very busy month, just completed the next in the series of bootlegs for the URIAH HEEP series, this being LIVE IN KAWASAKI JAPAN 2010. I have posted the art with a detailed description of how it came about on the Gallery  section of the website under the RECENT WORK area. I also just completed the art for their next studio album, entitled INTO THE WILD. I also posted the artwork in the gallery section, and some of the various versions that were done.” A very limited hand crafted print series of no more that 30 print sets hand retouched will be available in the store section of the website of the KAWASAKI JAPAN art on a first come basis.  I will be doing also an interview for the bands website and launching a new Facebook page so the fans can directly talk to me.”  Cheers  Ioannis