To commemorate the release of the new Uriah Heep album Celebration

Ioannis the cover artist has created and issued three hundred (300) prints measuring 20″ X 24″ unframed. Ioannis supervised the printing of each piece individually assuring the closest reproduction to the actual artwork.

Each limited edition print is approved and individually hand signed and numbered by Ioannis and the members of URIAH HEEP, Mick Box, Trevor Bolder, Bernie Shaw, Phil Lanzon, and Russell Gilbrook

This special edition will be limited to these three hundred prints only and will never be reproduced again. We making an exclusive offer to Uriah Heep, Classic Rock and Ioannis fans that order from this site. The offer includes an additional limited edition print of an edition of sixty signed by Ioannis. It is a print of the alternative cover that was considered for the album, a different version was eventually included in the CD package. This is the original version as it was intended making this a very collectable item for Heep fans It’s on a first come first serve basis.

To order this rare collectible and for further information please go to our Dangerous Age Store.